Brazilian Makes Art With Food And Recycled Objects

Do you remember when your mom used to say ‘Don’t play with your food’? That’s what the Brazilian artist Victor Nunes did NOT do! Today he plays with corks, popcorn, walnuts, coffee cups and everything he finds on his everyday routine.

Here you can see sketches around food and objects that inspire his awesome work:
1 - Victor Nunes Faces (Popcorn)

2 - Victor Nunes Faces - Coffee Cups

3 - Victor Nunes Faces - Corks

4 - Victor Nunes Faces - Medicines

5 - Victor Nunes Faces - Walnuts

6 - Victor Nunes Faces - Snacks


You can see a lot of Nunes’s work at his page on Facebook: Victor Nunes Faces.

Pictures from Victor Nunes Faces - Facebook (
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