Is it Hitler Or A Simple Kettle?

Drivers See Adolf Hitler in J.C. Penney’s Teapot Billboard

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a billboard picture became viral on the internet.  A user on social news site Reddit noticed something odd:  a tea kettle that looked like Hitler. The J.C. Penney billboard on the 405 Interstate highway near Culver City, California brings a picture of a kettle designed by Michael Graves which some people are saying resembles a picture of the German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.


Subliminal Propaganda???

What do you think? Do you think people are exaggerating in what they see in pictures, alleging subliminal propaganda?  Is it not just a storm in a teacup?

OMG Hitler Teapot.

But if you wan’t to buy the $40-kettle, you’ll have to visit JC Penney stores in person because, according to the JC Penney website:

“We are sorry, but this product is not available at this time.”

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